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“When we open our wallets, we’re doing more than making a personal purchase. We’re casting a vote. It can be good to take a moment and ask ourselves if we planned to “vote in” the producers of the cheapest products and “vote out” the competitors. Fair Trade vs. conventionally grown. Organic vs. large corporate farm. A purchase is a vote.

– Karren Madson

Marketing is equally about researching the options as actually marketing and promoting your new opportunity.  You want to be confident you’ve chosen a growth category/product line.  One that will grow both domestically and globally.  

Network Marketing has huge potential, but it isn’t magic.  Growth can be exponential, but it starts with execution of some core principles.

I was a marketing professional before a Network Marketing professional.  I bring a toolbox I spent a career developing, along with a passion for helping people grow.

Don’t settle for less.  Reach for more.  But use a disciplined approach and make it work for you. 

Join me on a journey through Network Marketing to success, fortune, and a better world!