Can You Skip Face-to-Face Prospecting When Doing On-Line Marketing?

What do you think?  You intend to market solely on-line, maybe through FB and other social media, and you wonder if you even need to bother to continue to network, meet new people and do follow up with folks  you meet.  You may be thinking….it is a lot more efficient for me to just do on-line marketing, and not split my time up across channels.

But let’s look at the consequences of disregarding the personal approach channel entirely.

  1. In a true dialogue, your prospect can ask you questions.  You will no longer hear these casual questions.
  2. In a true dialogue, objections may come in the form of questions.  But they will also come in the form of silence, of facial expressions, reduced eye contact, gestures and posture.  If an on-line contact just fails to take the next step, that is all you know.  That you lost their attention.  You won’t know why.
  3. In a true dialogue, you, too, are very engaged.  You have to be.  If you love what you do, you WANT to be engaged.
  4. In the kind of dialogue that works in our industry, the “presenter” is actually speaking less than the “presentee”.  You are guiding the conversation through your questions, but you aren’t dominating the conversation.  How does this work in a Sales Funnel approach?  How do you know what resonates with a contact before you’ve had an opportunity to figure that out?
  5. Many of us are in Network Marketing to share experiences and improve lives.  This is much more difficult to do in a sterile on-line marketing environment.  Nothing brings out the passion like  a face-to-face. Imagine if professional speakers, like Tony Robbins, decided they no longer needed to present live, but instead only sent out recordings.
  6. These face-to-face, casual, coffee shop conversations help us keep a pulse on the world, in the way of getting feedback from our prospects.  We get informal feedback on our message every time we talk to someone.  This is why practice makes us …. if not “perfect”, at least “better”!

You absolutely should be doing on-line marketing to help generate leads.

But … you absolutely should NOT abandon face-to-face marketing.  You need the feedback you get from these conversations.   Sales-funnel-based on-line marketing without any casual, face-to-face dialogues is like a car with tires on only one side.  You need the balance of the personal channel, as well.

We are in it to change lives, right?  So let’s go change some!

Did you learn anything new, or look at something you already knew though a new “lens”?  I’d love hear your feedback.  Please share your comments with me, even if you disagree!

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Written by Karren Madson


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