Motivating your Network Marketing Team

Having problems motivating your network marketing team members?

You’ve focused on recruiting/sponsoring.  And now only 10-15% of your downline is actively working to build a business.

Let’s go through your new sponsorship checklist before we talk about motivation.

  1. You recruited.
  2. You welcomed.
  3. You “onboarded”, so that you understand their individual goals, their sense of their strengths, their weaknesses, where they wanted additional assistance, and specific areas of skills or training they self-identified.
  4. You got them set up on auto ship, if relevant. At minimum, made sure the package they joined with gave them a good representation of products.
  5. If needed, helped get their website set up.
  6. Trained on the comp program.
  7. Helped them identify a prospect list from their own contacts.
  8. Offered to sit on a 3-way call with them.

And things stalled there.

So now what?

For a new MLM team member, the stumbling blocks are usually around the invite process.  This is most true for team members who’ve been in network marketing before and feel like they’ve lost credibility in their warm market. This is big.

How do you help motivate your team members to overcome their inertia, and invite their prospects?

  1. Empathize with their concerns.
  2. Don’t be arrogant about your opportunity or product, as if only smart people recognize the value.
  3. Remind them that the invite process isn’t a one swing strike-out process. Some of the industry’s biggest business builders didn’t respond to the first invitation!
  4. Remember that not all your team members have the same goals. Each has his own “why”.
    1. For one it may be wealth, travel and a beach house.
    2. For another, it may be paying a kids’ college cost.
  5. Remember that not all your team members are motivated by the same things.
    1. For one it may be a contest, with a $ value prize.
    2. For another, a motivator may be some time/attention from you.
  6. Making a phone call seems easy to you, because you’ve distilled it to a “task”. To your new team member, it isn’t a task. It is a complex process, that they’re trying to think through all the directions a short conversation can take, and how to be prepared to respond to any and many forms of objections.
    1. Set an example and show how easy a call can be.
    2. Help them distill a complex process to the “task” that it is.
  7. Check in regularly. You really don’t know what else is going on in their lives. Don’t give up on them too soon.
  8. Celebrate even the smallest achievements, early on.
  9. Provide resources. Be a lending library, if you have to.  Money may be an issue for them, though they won’t want to admit it.
  10. Make sure they understand that you are in Network Marketing to change lives. And be sincere.

Help inspire, when their own reservoir runs short.  Remember your early days as a network marketing distributor and be the support to them that you needed.


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