How Do You Get Your Prospecting Message READ?

You market your MLM Product to sell it or to generate leads for your opportunity.  But are they effective?  They need to be read!

  1. Visually Captivating

Excite the Eye!  You love your MLM product and know everything there is to know about it!  What sets you apart is your passion and the information/education you provide. Right? Yes, right… in part.


But remember, we live in an overwhelmingly “stimulating” (distracting) world.  How many emails or marketing messages do you get in a day? 100? 200? More? We get too many.  Yes….we “see” them all.  But we don’t SEE them all.

You need to make your message visually appealing and draw the viewer in. Then your content will captivate, but only after your layout/imagery has captured the eye initially.


Relevant to your audience. Ideally both relevant AND something they don’t already know. This is the WHY you are contacting them. This is the value you provide to your audience. And written in a way that invites them.  Sometimes it may be old news, but presented as new.  That’s okay if you don’t do it too much.  What is old to you may be new to someone less familiar with your product or with the business of Network Marketing.

  1. The Deal They Can’t Refuse

You’re offering them something in return for an action they take.  What your prospect gets back should have greater perceived value than the effort required.

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There you have it.  Get your Network Marketing/MLM marketing messages READ by following a few essential tips.

Visually Interesting


Compelling Reason to Respond

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Written by Karren Madson


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