In Network Marketing, You May Be Your Worst Enemy

Everyone says that in Network Marketing, you can make your own success and aren’t dependent on anyone else.  That is true. Mostly.  The problem is, you ARE dependent on the person you’ve always been, complete with all the baggage you’ve been carrying around forever.

Some of this baggage is bad habits. Habits of thought.  You can overcome, but it takes being aware of the what and the why. Here are the killers.

  1. You are smart.  You know you are smart and you’ve always been able to achieve with little preparation.  So you’ve learned to procrastinate, and still come through.  But think about how much more successful you might be if you fully prepared, and took the activities as seriously as you could.  Might you be more successful?  Showing up at a networking event with plenty of business cards, and actually execute on your follow-up plan the very next day.  It matters.
  2. You are insightful and hypercritical.  So you are still dwelling on events in the past, where you had less success than you expected.  Give it up.  You keep remembering the tiny failures, and keep forgetting some of the larger successes you’ve had.  Just look forward more positively, and take the actions you know you need to do.
  3. You want to do things flawlessly. Trying to be perfect can interfere with getting things done well enough to be successful. It is more important to DO than to BE perfect. Perfectionism is an enemy.
  4. You think you should know more than you do, so you don’t want to show you are vulnerable by asking anyone for help.  It is odd, but people like to help. People will like and embrace you more if they know you are human. You are your own worst critic. Nobody else expects you to be perfect or to know everything. Honest.
  5. You don’t want to put yourself “out there” because then if you don’t succeed everyone will know it. So you are almost trying to work a business in secret. Do I have to say that you know this won’t work? Have enough confidence and belief in yourself to deal with things that may or may not happen. Nobody but you is waiting for you to fail. So just work openly and honestly, and you will succeed.

Part of changing bad habits of thought is actually changing habits. Here are some tactical things you can start doing to change how you work, and ultimately how you think.  Sometimes…you just have to ignore those little voices in your head that don’t want you to change.  Stop listening to them, and they will probably just go away.

  1. Stop procrastinating, and thinking that being “prepared” is cheating.  It isn’t.  Show up prepared, and follow-up as you know you should.  It matters.
  2. Put past failures out of your head.  They really, really don’t matter.  Let them go.
  3. Don’t be a perfectionist.  Allow time to do what you need to do, and then just do the best you can in that time.  Doing is better than thinking about doing.
  4. Keep learning.  It isn’t a sin to not know everything. You can be vulnerable and learn something new. It is healthy.
  5. Don’t be so worried about what others will think that you don’t let yourself try. If they are your friends, they will support you. If they aren’t your friends, it doesn’t matter what they think. This is your life. Not anyone else’s.
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Written by Karren Madson


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