Master Networking Marketing

The good news is, you CAN BECOME a master of network marketing.

Not just competent.  Master.

(Depending on your attitude) the bad news may be….it will take work. And some time.

Can you make a living in network marketing without being a master?  Absolutely.

But is making a living in MLM a sure thing, just because you want to? Sorry, no.

In his book Outliers,  Malcolm Gladwell researched the lives of many experts, in many different fields to find the common denominator of success or “mastery”.  His research group included business experts, academic experts, athletes, military experts, musicians, scientists, writers, etc.  People from a huge variety of fields.

The answer is: 10,000 hours.  Let’s call this, the Golden 10,000.

Yes.  Devote 10,000 hours of study, practice, effort and learning to what you want to master and you will.

This should be great news!  We aren’t all born into families with excellent contacts in whatever field we choose, or with the genetics of a basketball star, or the hands and “ear” of a concert pianist. So the fact that WE CAN and DO control our futures should be an inspiring message.

For the impatient, what does 10,000  translate to?

  • The 5 Year MLM Mastery Plan:  10,000/5 years = 2,000 hours per year.
    • 2,000/52 weeks = 38 hours per week.
  • The 3 Year MLM Mastery Plan: 10,000/3 years = 3,333 hours per year.
    • 3,333  hours/52 weeks =64 hours per week.
  • The 7 Year MLM Mastery Plan: 10,000/7 years = 1,428 hours per year.
    • 1,428 hours/52 weeks = 27 hours per week.

Is it worth it?  Only you can answer that!

To become an expert, or master of network marketing, what do you spend 10,000 hours doing?

Network Marketing Mastery will require a combination of “active” and “passive” learning processes.

After you get more comfortable with the activities, it won’t even feel like work, or study.  It’ll just be what you do. If you enjoy basketball, shooting hoops isn’t work. Right?

What are the core/essential activities that make up the skill set of a professional network marketer?

  1. Reading (good, self development books – there are hundreds of lists of excellent resources)
  2. Prospecting
    • Inviting
    • Networking
    • Follow-up
    • Listening
    • And yes…..”closing”
    • And closing
  3. Presenting/speaking – to small and large groups
  4. Teaching/training your sponsored team members
  5. Social Media activities? (maybe)
  6. Blogging/sharing what you know? (maybe)
  7. Others, depending on how your market

Is becoming a master in the field of your choice worth 10,000 hours of your time?  You decide.

But let me remind you how many hours in your life you will spend working a full time job, doing something you DON’T love or enjoy.

  • 40 hours per week x 52 weeks = 2,080 hours per year
    • 2,080 hours per year x 40 years (age 25 – 65) = 83,200 hours
    • 2,080 hours per year x 50 years (age 20 – 70) = 104,000 hours

You will spend 83,000+ hours of work in your lifetime, or career.

Give yourself credit for the time you’ve already devoted. Because you HAVE been honing and improving your skills, even if your income level doesn’t show it.

  • Put the hours you’ve already spent toward your 10,000 hour goal.
  • How many hours do you have left?
  • How close are you?  Keep it up!

I’d love to hear how close you are to your Golden 10,000.

Please feel free to like, share or comment.


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Written by Karren Madson


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