Millennials Embrace Network Marketing

One of the big buzz word phrases in marketing over the past couple of years is “marketing to millennials”.  Why the buzz?

We saw a little bit of disruption when someone identified that the Baby Boomers might have a different agenda than their WWII era parents. Then the Gen-Xers came along, and there was some active dialogue about how to market to this group. But….the confusion about the Millennials is much bigger either.

Corporate America is afraid they no longer know how to reach out to or to communicate with the “Millennials”. They know they can’t afford to disenfranchise them, but don’t know how to talk to “them”.  Where are they buying?  What do they want? What’s important to them?

Who are the Millennials? And why is everyone so excited about them?

Wikipedia defines Millennials as:  Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends; most researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

As a long time marketer, the whole controversy makes me giggle, just a little.  There are some real questions that come out of this, but we are getting a little too excited about it. It also makes me giggle because it reminds me of parents, sitting around whispering about what their teens might be thinking about, instead of asking them.

How is a Millennial different from prior generations?

  • They never knew a world without Google.
  • They never knew a world without cell phones.
  • They’ve barely known a world in which the U.S. wasn’t at war with someone.
  • On-line shopping is the norm.

None of these things seem all that controversial, right?  Every generation has had improved technology .

Okay, there are subtle differences between the Millennial young adults and others.  Most importantly, let’s talk about how Millennials may relate to Network Marketing, as an industry.

  1. For the most part, Millennials have an Entrepreneurial heart. Not because they have the greedy/get rich heart of the 80s.  But because they truly want to change the world in a positive way.
  2. As a generation…they have the confidence to know they can do this. And they can.
  3. They understand the value of community, in the most positive way. They work with others and they share with others.
  4. They understand product quality, and are willing to pay more for products that meet their ideological/philosophical standards.
  5. Along with product quality, they support mission-based products: eco-friendly; animal-friendly; environmental friendly; global friendly, etc.
  6. They have a better respect for work/life balance than prior generations. They aren’t as easily seduced by the corporate dream.
  7. They don’t feel the generational division that Gen X or Baby Boomers felt. They will just as easily talk to with someone 20-30 years older as they will their peers.  This is a great!
  8. They are more likely to on-line research you and your products, so if you have content, make it available on-line.

Every generation wants to change the world. And every generation has.  It’ll be great to see what Millennials bring.  If you think young adults aren’t likely to be good partners and future leaders in Network Marketing, you may want to re-think that. Especially if your product line is green or mission-based.

If you’ve found this helpful, please feel free to comment or share.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Written by Karren Madson


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