Why Does Network Marketing Attract So Many Attorneys?

Why do so many successful attorneys choose Network Marketing over the profession they worked hard to establish?

This one has puzzled me for a long time, but after reading a book and talking to a good friend of mine, I think I’ve figured it out.

If you’ve chosen an MLM company carefully, and love its products, I think you will agree with me.

First let’s look at the business of lawyering.

  1. Profits are based on billable hours.
  2. You can’t double bill a unit of time.
  3. Advancement in an organization is based on how many hours billed, in addition to client satisfaction and retention.

Can you imagine the pressure of tracking every minute of every very long day (12-15 hours), in 15 minute increments?  Ten minute increments?

It was a paragraph in Drive, by Daniel Pink, about what motivates us that really clarified it for me.

I already knew that:

  1. lawyers work hard
  2. they’re smart
  3. they work long hours
  4. work in tedious detail
  5. and they are slaves to time tracking and reporting.

But it was two more things that Pink stated that made it clear.

  1. Lawyers, by definition of what they do, work in a “Zero-sum” environment: for someone to win, someone else has to lose.
  2. How they organize their day and the actions they take offers very little “decision latitude”. They have no autonomy, or control of their workday.

Before I go further, let me say that hundreds of studies have been done to determine the most important elements for successful companies and happy employees.  Many of those studies have found that one of the most important elements for a happier, less stressful environment is having some say in how we do our work. (If you’ve ever worked for a micro-manager….I don’t have to say another word about that). 

Interestingly… we are even more motivated to do GREAT work when we have a say in how we do it!

Now let’s compare:



Successful Network Marketers

work hard



unpaid learning period



expected good pay-off in time



self-driven goals


daily autonomy


requires people skills



Win-win partner and client relationships


Rewards Get Bigger, though effort may stay the same


How much negative time is spent in such key areas of job satisfaction, made it clear.

Network Marketing requires work. But Network Marketing fosters a positive environment, allowing professionals to bring out the best of themselves and their team mates.

So, if you didn’t already know why Network Marketing attracts so many smart, professional, self-driven and hardworking people, now you do.

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Written by Karren Madson


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